Monday, 21 January 2013

Panama Bound!

I'll keep this short and sweet since some may find it rather annoying that I'm heading to such tropical places while bitter cold weather sets in over much of Ontario. I leave tonight/tomorrow morning for Panama where I'll be spending 6 weeks backpacking and birding on a budget as best I can. I have a few contacts down there I hope to go birding with, but much of it will be on my own / with randoms I meet on the way.

SO... this blog will be a Panama Blog for the next 6 weeks as time and internet allows. Don't freak out and think bizarre tropical birds have somehow made their way to Norfolk. I've decided not to take a DSLR down with me, but will be taking a digital zoom camera which will be good enough to document some of the birds.

Aside: I haven't flogged my older brother's "Canada Big Year" blog so I better do that not. I said I wouldn't do it until he saw a rare European or Asian bird and he has done that now. The Pink-footed Goose in St. Johns Newfoundland.             
See you in March, Redpolls

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