Sunday, 6 January 2013

Active Eagle Nest Removed

Yesterday a Bald Eagle nest south of Fisherville was removed to make way for a Wind Turbine installation. Apparently the tree that it was in was scheduled for removal to make way for a service road. If the nest had of remained, it would have been within 20 metres of the blade sweep so I guess the MNR figured it was safer for the eagles to nest elsewhere.

I'm not advocating any position with this post - just throwing it out there for people to be aware of and to make their own conclusions. A quick google search and you will find many articles pertaining to this online.

Photos of the operation can be viewed here:

Photo borrowed from Ontario Wind Resistance

On another note I took a photo of a Junco today coming to my feeder. My guess is it's a female "Oregon/Pink-sided type" Junco, a western form of Slate-coloured Junco. Any thoughts?


  1. Adam, thanks for posting this. What a powerful and infuriating photo. This raises many questions. Are any groups monitoring the effect of Lake Erie Windmills on migrating birds? Is the net effect of wind generated electricity better for the environment in the long-run? Could the MNR have handled this better? Why does Ontario need a Florida-based company (and investors) to set up windmills here?

  2. Yes lots of questions indeed. Good or bad, I think we are stuck with them now.