Wednesday, 16 January 2013

New Feeder Bird!

In the 15+ years that we have fed the birds at our property near Long Point (Walsingham) we have had some interesting birds visit the feeder in winter: Snow Buntings, Oregon Junco, Red and White-winged Crossbills, various sparrows, Evening Grosbeaks, etc. 

Today I had the first Tufted Titmouse! Turned out to be a pair of them which was really nice. I love hearing them sing and scold. Hopefully they will stick around and breed. TUTIs are way more abundant in Haldimand County just to the east, but are a tough bird to find in Norfolk for some reason. This was only the second time we have had them on our property in ~17 years living there.

 Grabbed some shots of other feeder birds while I had the camera out.
 House Finch above, Common Redpolls below. 

Think squirrels are bad at stealing bird seed? Try Racoons. I heard the chickadees scolding and wondered why they were mad at me! Turned around and saw this guy about 20 feet away. 

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