Tuesday, 1 May 2012

May Migrants at Long Point

Some new migrants have finally arrived at Long Point Provincial Park the past few days. The ground was crawling with White-throated Sparrows today with a few flocks of White-crowneds mixed in for good measure. FOY for myself recently included Chimney Swift, Baltimore Oriole, Rose-breasted Grosbeak, Warbling Vireo, Black-throated Blue Warbler, Ovenbird, Nashville Warbler, Yellow Warbler, Black-and-White Warbler, and Swainson's Thrush. Other species are around as well, but like much of the spring so far it seems that Pelee is getting more of the action a day or two before us. Well, I should speak for myself since I have no idea what's going on at the remote banding stations further down the point. I do most of my birding at the new provincial park as well as the old one.

Thursday May the 3rd I head to Jamaica until the 9th for a friend's wedding - clearly not a birding friend or they wouldn't have scheduled a wedding during migration! It's bitter sweet since I imagine a lot of good birds will be found while I'm gone. Hopefully I'll get a chance to get off the resort and do some birding while I'm there. I have no idea what to expect bird wise but hopefully I can see a few endemics. Thought I'd give you readers a heads up in case my next post is all about the birds of Jamaica!

Here is the best photo I could manage of a Palm Warbler today - I'm a birder first, photographer second!

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