Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Delta-spotted Spiketails

Today while out looking for reptiles (found yet another Hog-nosed), I came across two Delta-spotted Spiketails. Spiketails are large black and yellow dragonflies that breed in small woodland streams and springs. These streams would seem to be too small to produce such large dragonflies, but they do! Spiketails can be found along the small waterways where they oviposit, or along forest edges and clearings. I often find them foraging along forest/field edges due to the abundant insect life available for them to feed on.They will hang from vegetation quite low to the ground and in my experience are quite approachable. Hopefully I can find a few of our other Spiketail species this summer. They are fairly easy to identify to species if you get a good look at the yellow patterning on the abdomen.

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