Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Duskywing sp., and a Hog-nosed Snake

This post is kind of a catch all for the past few days. First I'll start with a Duskywing I photographed in dry oak habitat at St. Williams. Several people were out yesterday and came up empty when it came to finding Sleepy Duskywing - an early flying butterfly. It was suggested by Bob Curry that perhaps due to the warm spring their flight period was already over. There were lots of Juvenal's Duskywings flying about but I managed to pick out either a Dreamy Duskywing or a Sleepy Duskywing. Based on habitat I'd lean towards Sleepy, but I don't have a lot of experience with these guys, so if anyone can look at the photos and give me a definitive answer I'd be very grateful!

Also present were many American Coppers, and the Lupine was in full bloom.

Down the road from St. Williams I photographed this female Common Whitetail.

 As well as this male Beaverpond Baskettail.

Today while walking my dog I came across this monster of a Hog-nosed Snake basking on the side of the road. I moved it off the road so hopefully it doesn't get squashed.
Not only did it flare its neck and hiss when I approached it, it also tilted its neck towards me in order to make itself look as large as possible. It also lifted it's head and neck quite high off the ground - very cobra like! They are of course harmless and not poisonous to humans.

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