Friday, 6 April 2012

Another Hog-nosed Snake Bites the Dust...

Today, April 6th, I found another Hog-nosed Snake that was dug up and killed by an American Badger, not too far from the site where the other two were killed - see my previous blog post about this. The previous blog entry talks about this strange occurrence so I'm just going to throw up some pics about this most recent discovery.

These are the same diggings shown in my previous entry, only they have been revisited by the Badger or some other mammal and made larger. Likely it was the Badger coming back, hoping to find a rabbit or other mammal hiding in the previously dug tunnels. 

This is the site where the dead Hog-nosed Snake was found, not too far from the diggings in the first photo. Notice the fan-shaped sand pile.

This is all that could be seen of the Hog-nosed Snake. It was mostly covered in sand. 

The excavated snake.

The snake washed up and measured.

Quite a brightly coloured individual :(