Thursday, 11 April 2013

Vulcan Baru birds - Panama 2013

So I was doing some stuff on my computer and wandered into my unedited photos from my winter Panama trip. Lots of photos still need to be edited and shared, but I find that task very boring! Periodically (like today) I might post some stuff from my trip.

I did a crazy midnight hike up Vulcan Baru, the tallest mountain in Central America. A group of us left at midnight, making it to the peak in time to watch the sunrise over the mountains. It's about 13.5 km each way, with a change in elevation of about 1,700 metres. It was very beautiful, but also incredibly exhausting! Even though it's in tropical Panama, you risk hypothermia near the summit before the sun has come out.

The Birds:

Volcano Hummingbird - Stunning little guy with a black/grey/lilac gorget depending on the light. Feed on a little heather-like plant at the very peak. They buzz around mere inches/feet off the ground! Very cool.

 That's pollen on the front of his face I believe.

Volcano Junco - After the hummingbird, this was the next one I wanted to see. Photo doesn't do it justice, but the gold eyes are pretty intense. 

Sooty Thrush - Easily found at the summit hopping all over the rocky outcroppings. Quite entertaining and nice company when you are sucking air. 

Peg-billed Finch - Below the summit in the bamboo zone feeding on bamboo seeds. In the guide it says they are very rare but can be found when the bamboo is seeding. Not sure how rare they actually are, but it was a very good bonus bird. 

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