Sunday, 30 December 2012

Western Tanager and Barred Owl

The long staying Western Tanager in Oshawa was a bird that I just had to go and see. Not only would it be a new Ontario bird for me, but it seemed like a fairly reliable bird to go and "twitch" since it was being seen daily. My only issue was that I didn't really want to drive all the way to Oshawa just for the tanager and a few other good birds. Luckily, an old teaching friend from Taiwan was in Toronto for the day, invited me up for a visit, and presto, more than enough reason to go and see the tanager. In reality, the tanager was enough reason to go and I would have went anyway sooner or later. I got killer looks at the tanager after waiting only about 5 minutes. Tick. It fed heavily on the buckthorn berries almost the entire time I watched it.

A Barred Owl at Hall's Rd in Whitby was also a very cooperative photo subject.  Also, the two Harlequin Ducks off Whitby were still present at the mouth of Lynde Creek (distant).

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