Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Norfolk Sachems and Dainty Sulphers

After reading about all the cool southern butterflies people were seeing recently in other parts of Ontario I was chomping at the bit to go look for some in Norfolk. On August 12th a colony of Dainty Sulphurs were discovered just down the road from my house and I finally made an effort to find them on August 18th.  Without too much effort I was able to find 2 individuals. This colony is quite disjunct from the other colonies being observed in the "greater Pelee area".
One of 2 Dainty Sulphurs I observed.

Fiery Skippers and Sachems have been recorded all over the place so it comes as no surprise that they too have made their way to Norfolk. Fierys often wander into the province but the Sachem invasion was quite unexpected (unprecedented?). On some private property near St.Williams I was able to see a few each of both Fiery Skipper and my main target - the Sachem. Despite checking many other seemingly suitable places I haven't found good numbers of them at any other location.


 A couple shots of a Sachem (above). Fierys (below). 

At this same location I also found a few Peck's Skippers, a skipper I don't easily find in Norfolk for some reason. A snout was another unexpected treat.

 Peck's Skipper above, Snout below.

And finally, Grey Hairstreak. These guys too invade in late summer and I was able to find one at my place near Walsingham. They seem to be really abundant at Pelee right now, but I haven't found many around here. Fingers crossed for a White-M Hairstreak to show up...

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